Work at the Club

The club runs for 7 days over Easter and 20 Days during August. If you are looking for some holiday work and enjoy working with children with additional needs we would like to hear from you.

In the first instance please email your details to

Can you help the committee?

This is a very big workload for a very small committee. We do the very best job we can with the resources we have. But extra help not only eases the burden on everyone but also gives us the potential to do that little bit more. Perhaps you can get involved with maybe just one aspect of the operation; maybe you have links to fundraising opportunities; maybe you have ideas for activities and equipment.  A little assistance can go a very long way so do get in contact if you find the club helps you and you would like to see it grow and develop.

Please contact us at

Activity Club for Children with Special Needs (Berkshire)  Registered Charity 1104007